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RSS Feeds 101

All of our commentaries, as well as press releases, are available for syndication through "RSS" (Really Simple Syndication OR Rich Site Summary) web feeds.  This is an application that allows users to "subscribe" to updates; instead of visiting sites regularly to check for new content, you can have the updates sent to you automatically as they appear on the site. Click "Read More" for a two step tutorial: step by step tutorial.

Rather than manually having to visit your favorite commentaries daily or weekly, RSS feeds allow you automate the task of staying current with new material.

1. Choose an RSS feed reader and sign up for an account. Numerous readers exist, including free readers like Google Reader, Thunderbird and many others. See http://email.about.com/od/rssreaderswin/tp/windows_free.htm for reviews of several free feed readers.

2. Find and add feeds to your account using either method below:

a. When you look at websites and blogs, see if they have links using the words XML, RSS, RDF, syndicate this site, news feed, sitefeed, atom, etc. Common icons used to designate a feed are:

When you click on the icon, your feed reader will open. You will have a chance to place the feed in the appropriate folder and make a few other choices to make it as easy as possible for you to work with your new feed.

b. To add URLs manually, log in to your account - select "ADD" and then type or copy the url into the box.