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2010 Class Gift

In October, the Senior Class announced that its class gift would be the funds necessary to commission a new Seminary banner and to provide the seed money for a book project celebrating the history of women being trained for ordained ministry at Virginia Theological Seminary.

After ten weeks of fundraising, they can announces they have exceeded their  goal and achieved nearly 90% participation from within their class. They have also received gifts from former classmates and other friends. Both projects are getting underway, and they are preparing to leave for Christmas Break with a great sense of accomplishment.

Each pledge was critical to their success, but special thanks is due to the members of the Class Gift Committee: Julia Messer, Susan Prinz, Corry Weierbach, Richard Tucker, and Sandy Webb. They also owe a debt of gratitude to Dean Markham, Barney Hawkins, Ray Sabalis, and the other members of the Faculty and Staff who have supported and encouraged them in this work.

While the Senior Class has both expressed and honored its commitment to both of these projects, there is still much to be done. Their offering for the book project will only cover a portion of its total cost, and the Office of Institutional Advancement is working to raise the balance. Any members of the community who would like to contribute to this project, and have have their names listed alongside theirs in the front matter of the book, should speak with Ray Sabalis in the Office of Institutional. Please consider partnering with the Class of 2010 in this important work.