Mustard Seed Grades K through 9 (Thematic)

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The Mustard Seed Series is a Bible-based, in-depth, non-denominational curriculum helps that helps students gain a broad understanding of the Bible over many years. It presents classic artwork, the entire biblical story and themes that relate to practical issues in students' lives. The Mustard Seed provides easy to follow instructions and convenient preparation materials.


The Mustard Seed Series:


  • Is organized thematically around the Old and New Testaments
  • Clearly presents the faith story
  • Encourages students to think critically about Bible texts
  • Teaches children and their parents how to pray together
  • Requires minimal preparation for weekly lessons


This curriculum is offered as a membership. Membership allows print-yourself access to all the program lessons while the membership is in effect. Supplemental books and videos must be purchased separately.



• Kindergarten

• Primary 1 (grade 1)

• Primary 2 (grade 2)

• Intermediate 1 (grade 3)

• Intermediate 2 (grade 4)

• Junior 1 (grade 5)

• Junior 2 (grade 6)

• Seniors 1 (grade 7)

• Seniors 2 (grade 8)

• Confirmation (grade 9)


Curriculum parts include:

Leader’s guide for each age group

Student resource for each preschool through junior youth group

Classroom pack which contains posters, cards, teaching pictures for each age group


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