Monday, January 28, 2013

Yesterday the faculty began their annual January retreat. There is always work to be done: curriculum review, the sharing of what we teach and how we teach, education in the use of technology and other matters, reflecting together on matters of worship and formation, and considering priorities in program development. How we work together is shaped by our life together, and that begins with our spiritual lives.

Sharing in a traditional retreat with time for some short meditations, quiet, and worship together is good for us individually and binds us together in our sense of our shared faith in God. Time for meals together, conversations, and play are also important in forming a faculty as more than having faculty members.

This year the faculty is at Bon Secours Retreat and Conference Center between Washington and Baltimore through Tuesday afternoon. Of course some work needs to be done. We will, though, wait until Tuesday. With quietness and prayer before, we will be aided in hearing one another and in hearing God’s voice in the midst of our many voices.

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