Thursday February 14, 2013

In about two months time, we are hoping, praying, and trusting that the campus will be packed full of hundreds, perhaps thousands, of teenagers. The generational future of the Church will be in the Grove enjoying the best in Christian rock music.  Vendors will be providing burgers, pizzas, and wraps for lunch.  Quidditich will be played in the morning. The Good News of God's saving action in Christ will be shared through word and music.  Countless Christians in the region will learn, for the first time, about Virginia Theological Seminary.  Parents and teenagers will make their first journey on to the campus.  Brothers and sisters in other denominations will be forced to take a fresh look at the Episcopal Church.  Caricatures of our tradition and of the Seminary will crumble and have to change.  In a very real way, people will have to look at us differently.

This is describing the VTS Christian Rock Festival, which will be held on Saturday April 13, 2013.  Registration for the Festival is now open; we need everyone who is planning to come to register at  (so we can track numbers accurately and know when to close registration). We will need volunteers (lots of them, to help with parking, band hospitality, and Quidditich organization). 

This is our opportunity to give back to others.  We enjoy these ninety acres every day - on April 13, we will share this beautiful campus with lots of guests.  We provide many opportunities for folks to enjoy the traditional Anglican music - on April 13, we will provide an opportunity for those who prefer contemporary Christian Rock music.  We put the vast majority of our resources in providing events and activities for Episcopalians - on April 13, we will put our resources into a major ecumenical event.

Please do register; please do spread the word; please do volunteer.

The Very Rev Ian Markham
Dean and President

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