Monday, March 25, 2013

Every year the Association of Theological Schools provides the Institutional Peer Profile Report.  I study it carefully.  The purpose is to compare the Seminary with thirteen comparable schools in the ATS.  One learns a great deal about the state of theological education.  So, for example, along with our peer schools, we all saw a dip in applications for our MDiv in 2012, but we still have twice the number of applications than the average at our peer schools and we convert a higher percentage of them into enrollment.  On racial and ethnic enrollment, in 2008, we had just 12.1% students of color (well behind our peer schools which had an average of 16.1%), since then the percentage has steadily grown to 19.6% in 2012, which is ahead of our peer school average of 18.7%.  Our student demographic is younger than our peer schools, with 60.5% of students in our MDiv being under the age of 35.  Interestingly, when you look at all the programs, we are blessed with some gifted mature students that shift the demographic to 39.1% under the age of 35.  Finally, in the section called 'summary of all gift income', it is lovely to see the blue line (representing VTS) gradually moving up from a low in 2009 to a current high of $5,447,859. 

Sometimes it is difficult to answer the question: how are we doing?  But in this report, we can say that compared to many of our sister seminaries, we are doing well.  So congratulations to all of us: it is lots of hard work and effort in many departments that is reflected in this report.

The Very Rev Ian Markham
Dean and President
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