Thursday, February 27, 2014

Each year the Washington Theological Consortium holds the Al-Alwani Lectures in Muslim-Christian Dialogue. This evening the El-Hibri Charitable Foundation in Washington, DC will host the Fifth Annual Al-Alwani Lectures. The topic is "People of the Book." Islam considers Christians and Jews "People of the Book," with a special place in the world of religions. The lectures will explore whether this category is a help or hindrance in interfaith dialogue. 

The lectures will be given by Dr. Seyed Amir Akrami and Dr. Wilhelmus Valkenberg. Dr. Akrami is the visiting Luce scholar at the Center for Interfaith Engagement, Eastern Mennonite University. In dialogue with philosopy and Abrahamic faiths, Dr. Akrami writes on topics such as Divine Consultation, Human Nature, Justice, and Scriptural Interpretation in Islam. 

Dr. Wilhelmus Valkenberg serves as Professor of Religion and Culture at the Catholic University of America. Dr. Valkenber's areas of interest are Inter-religious Hermeneutics, Muslim-Christian dialogue, and comparative theology. 

Both of these distinguished scholars have a great deal to offer in the discussion. Please do RSVP and attend the lectures this evening. This promises to be a fantastic event. 

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