VTS Sets Sights for 2023


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Alexandria, VA – On May 21 the Board of Trustees of Virginia Theological Seminary (VTS) unanimously approved an updated and bold vision statement which will guide VTS towards the seminary’s bicentennial year and beyond.

The purpose of the vision statement is to help provide the foundation needed for the strategic planning process. This new vision statement will provide a guide for where the Seminary seeks to be in 2023, and how VTS intends to realize that vision and the qualities which the Seminary aspires for in our graduates.

“VTS will be both traditional and yet innovative,” said the Very Rev. Ian S. Markham, Ph.D., dean and president of VTS. “We will take the best from the past and respond imaginatively to the challenges of the future.” 

The vision statement reaffirms the necessity of the residential experience in the formation of priests and leaders of the Episcopal Church at a time when many institutions are being forced, through economic necessities, to abandon this model. To meet this challenge in part, the Seminary will break ground on 38 new apartments on campus capable to house single residents and families.

 “Like a wise scribe, we will bring out what is old and what is new; we will cherish the ancient truths as we embrace new truths,” reads the vision statement. “We will be a porous community--welcoming the guest and reaching out to the community. We will seek to be flexible, adaptable, and ready to meet the challenges of our time.”

VTS is ready to make our programming more flexible, as well as provide the resources for an important Church-wide conversation about congregational leadership. And with the changing demographics of the U.S., the Seminary commits to equip students with the “appropriate skills to engage with a diverse world.” 

With the success of the Seminary’s Second Three Years program, VTS further commits to offering “comprehensive educational and support programs” to graduates after 10, 15, and 20 years out.

While many seminaries are finding the traditional three-year residential M.Div. program impossible to sustain, the vision statement from VTS affirms its conviction of formation within community.

Click here to view the vision statement in its entirety. 


Founded in 1823 as a beacon of hope in a country new and finding its way, Virginia Theological Seminary is the flagship Seminary of the Episcopal Church. One of our first benefactors was Francis Scott Key whose poem provides the text for our national anthem. In the 191 years since being established, VTS has led the way in forming leaders of the Episcopal Church, including: the Most Rev. John E. Hines (VTS 1933, D.D. 1946), former presiding bishop of the Episcopal Church; the Rt. Rev. John T. Walker (VTS 1954, D.D. 1978), the first African-American bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Washington;  and theologian, author and lay preacher Ms. Verna J. Dozier (VTS D.D. 1978). Serving the worldwide Anglican Communion, Virginia Theological Seminary educates approximately 25% of those being ordained who received residential theological education. Visit us online at www.vts.edu.
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