Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Library as FitBit

Ah, the joy of serendipity: browsing the stack and discovering just the right book. Computer catalogs are great tools, but we all know that there’s really nothing quite like walking the stacks. Now you can combine your research with your fitness goals.

The library staff invites you to walk the stacks at Bishop Payne Library: 6 miles of books in 1,700 steps. That's right - BPL's collection of over 250,000 books lines six miles of shelving. Library staffer Joani Peacock has found that by walking the stacks on all three levels, you can clock over 1,700 steps on your FitBit.

As a theological library, BPL contains more than you might expect. You are probably quite familiar with the biblical commentaries, theological tomes, the spirituality classics, and the church administration guides in the “B” sections of the shelves. But wander through the "Ps" and you will find poetry, short stories and novels. The "Ds" will take you on a walk through history. If you are in a musical mood, meander through the "Ms". Looking for the art? Check out the “N” section. Need something for the kids? Check out our Children’s Corner. Say “hi” as you jaunt past the genie in the Assyrian reliefs.

Here’s a challenge for the compact shelving on the lower level: open and close and walk every row. Get step points by going up and down the library’s three staircases. And stay tuned – coming soon is a treadmill desk, where you can walk while you read. Strap on your Fitbit and head over to the library -- where every step counts!

Mitzi Jarrett Budde, D.Min.

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