About VTS

The Mission of Virginia Theological Seminary:
I. To form men and women for lay and ordained leadership within community, 
   with particular attention to raising leaders for the Episcopal Church.

II. To provide continuing theological education for all people
   (clergy and laity of all denominations).

III. To serve the Anglican Communion and the wider Church.

IV. To provide an ecumenical, international, and cross-cultural context
     for theological education.

V. To be an outstanding theological resource.

VI. To be a racially and ethnically diverse community in living out our mission.
Adopted by the Board of Trustees May 2008

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The Seminary believes that its primary allegiance is to Jesus Christ. Its first duty is to know him and to make him known. It seeks to form lives of strong faith and true piety, fashioned and enriched by personal communion with Christ and to enable men and women out of their own experience to proclaim him to others as Lord and Savior.

The Seminary, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, is open to new truths discovered by reason and experience and is committed to respond eagerly and faithfully to the challenges of each succeeding age.

We are committed to the church as the body of which Christ is the head, which is composed of all baptized persons and in which the gospel is communicated through the word and sacraments, and through the common life including worship, study, and service.

We are committed to the church as the people of God offering up praise and thanksgiving to the Lord who gives us life, overcomes alienation, separation and death, and brings all things to the fulfillment of his purpose. In this family of God's people we are called to live and serve together in fellowship of mind and heart, and in helpfulness and mutual esteem.
Virginia Theological Seminary Accredation

Member of the Commission on Accrediting of the Association of Theological Schools in the United States and Canada, and the following degree programs are approved:

MDiv, MA, DMin

The Commission contact information is:
The Commission on Accrediting of the Association of Theological Schools in the United States and Canada
10 Summit Park Drive
Pittsburgh, PA 15275
Telephone: 412-788-6505
Fax: 412-788-6510
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