We look forward to hosting all Master's level applicants for a visit to the VTS campus at least once in the application process to experience the rhythms of life in this community, to worship, attend classes and meet students, faculty and staff.  If complete application packets have been received 3-4 weeks in advance of the visit, we can also plan for your admissions interview at this time.  

Below you'll see a list of dates during the remainder of the 2013-2014 academic year on which we cannot host prospective student visitors to campus or on which there are some limitations in the schedule.  Please keep these dates in mind as you consider when you may be able to visit VTS:

February 14-16 - Spring Visit Weekend for Prospective Students. All visitors will be participants in this prospective student event.  Registration to attend the Conference will be open in November and will take place through the VTS website.

February 17 - President's day.  The seminary is closed

March 5 - Ash Wednesday Quiet Day, no classes are held and the community observes silence during the day

March 19-21 - Spring mid-term reading day and exams. Classes are not held.

March 24-28 - Spring Break. Classes are not in session, worship is not held, and students are away from campus.  

April 18- Offices are closed on Good Friday.

April 21 - Easter Monday - the seminary is closed

May 14-19: Spring semester reading day and final exams.  No classes are held. 

May 20-22: Board of Trustees visit campus and Commencement is held (May 23).  

May 26 - Memorial day. The seminary is closed

May 29 and 30:  Faculty/Staff development Day and final faculty meetings.  

We strive to have all campus visits and interviews completed by the first week of June.  

Visit Day for Prospective Students:  

February 14-16, 2014:  The "Spring Visit Weekend for Prospective Students" event attracts participants from around the US, and is the premier event for all prospective students.  Registration materials and information will be available in November of 2012 and will be posted on the VTS website.

Individual visits to campus.  Informational visits prior to submitting an application, and interview visits scheduled once all application materials have been received at VTS can be arranged for any day of the work week.
 Although we do hold some interviews in the fall, the largest number are held during the spring semester between March and Mid-May.  For those who can travel in mid-week, we particularly encourage you to be on campus on Wednesdays, the day on which the entire community gathers for a community Eucharist over the noon hour.  Services of Morning Prayer, Holy Eucharist and Evening Prayer are held daily.   Interviews are not held on weekends.  We do not schedule an interview appointment until we have received, reviewed and processed your application.  Occasionally it is possible to forgo a second trip to campus for a face-to-face admissions interview if the applicant has already experienced a substantive visit which was planned under the auspices of the admissions office at some earlier point during the academic year in which the application is received. Such visits would include conversations with faculty members on the admissions committee, visiting class, meeting the Financial Aid and Housing Director, attending worship and enjoying lunch on campus . In these circumstances, a tele-conferenced interview may be scheduled instead. 

For those who have not previously visited VTS, a personal interview is required. Usually, the interview can take place  three to four weeks from the time we receive your application packet, providing the packet is complete and all credentials are in order.  If you know of particular dates on which you can travel to VTS, please include those dates in the application packet, on a separate piece of paper, on top of the application materials so the sheet is visible immediately upon opening the envelope.  

In addition to arranging for your admissions interview, we are happy to plan activities and appointments that will introduce you to the communal and academic life at VTS as well as provide overnight accommodations in our guesthouse (based on availability) and meals in the refectory.
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