Multicultural Ministries

The Office of Multicultural Ministries grows out of Virginia Theological Seminary’s commitment to see the face of God in all people and celebrate the many gifts people from diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds bring to the church.

We invite all members of the VTS community to serve with us as we:
  • Honor the narratives presented to the church by people of African, Asian, Latino/ Hispanic and Indigenous heritage;
  • Seek students from racial and ethnic groups that have been historically underrepresented;
  • Recruit candidates for Bishop Payne Scholarships;
  • Support student initiatives related to healing the histories of racial domination in which the church has been complicit;
  • Facilitate Intercultural Competency Trainings to increase awareness and promote anti-racism;
  • Host gatherings of the Multi-Ethnic Student Fellowship; and
  • Collaborate with the Racial and Ethnic Ministries Committee to ensure VTS’ commitment to diversity is reflected in our worship, pedagogy, community life, and engagements off campus.
"No Turning Back"
Copies of No Turning Back are now available on Amazon.

"GO YE INTO THE WORLD and Preach the Gospel” has long been the call of Virginia Theological Seminary. The question has been who should go and to whom should they preach. For over 140 years of its existence, VTS’ call was for white men to engage in ministry. Only in the last sixty years has VTS even allowed black students to enroll. The story and struggle of many of the students is told here in this book in their voice.
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Donyelle McCray
Director of the Office of Multicultural Ministries 
Virginia Theological Seminary
3737 Seminary Road,
Alexandria, VA 22304

phone: 703-461-1765