The Evening School

Traditional Program
Courses in the traditional Evening School of Theology provide theological education for lay people who want more than Sunday morning classes. Courses are offered in a variety of topics and teaching styles.

The Lifetime Theological Education office which adminsters the Evening School program has instituted a new process for applying and registering for the traditional evening school program. Ready to apply? Click here! A short description:
  1. Apply Online -- An application is filled out and submitted online. A myVTS login and password are not needed for this step.
  2. Register Online -- Instructions to register for a specific course are sent once an application has been processed. To register, you will use your myVTS login and password for registering.
  3. Payment -- The Finance office will send an invoice after your registration is completed. You will be able to login to myVTS to pay online or contact the Finance office directly to pay. Payment should be received at least a week prior to the beginning of a class.
The first step, apply online, is completed one time for traditional courses as long as you are actively taking classes. In the future an email notification will be sent to current students with the registration link.

Fall 2015 Schedule

Women In and On the Bible: Virtue, Valor, and Vision
Ms. Linda Lanam, MTS
Tuesdays 7:30-9:30 PM
9/15-10/27 (no class 10/13)
Course fee $75.00 (additional fee of $50.00 for in-depth study)

The stories of women in the Bible and the scholarship of woman on the Bible continue to be missed, dismissed, and misunderstood. In this six-week survey, we will consider a number of well-known and unknown examples in both categories, from Shiphrah and Puah to Martha and Mary, from Kathleen O'Connor and Catherine LaCugna to Wilda Gafney and Elaine Pagels. Let's see what these women have to teach us about the roles of women in the Bible and the relationship of women to the Bible.

NEW FORMAT OFFERED FALL 2015! Two learning options: Take " Women In and On the Bible: Virture, Valor, and Vision" as a six-week non-credit class OR continue for an additional four weeks for more in-depth study and to work towards Evening School (1) credit in the area of Scripture. The independent seminar will meet 11/3, 11/10, 11/17 and 11/24 with the instructor. Learn more about the Diploma in Theological Studies offered by the Evening School of Theology.

Teaching New Music to the Congregation
Ms. Ellen Johnston & Dr. William Roberts
Tuesdays 7:30-9:30 PM
9/22-11/3 (no class 10/13)
Course fee $75.00

This course offers a systematic and successful way to introduce new hymns and service music to congregations.   Hands-on practice with the group is included so that all can "have a go" with the encouragement of their peers. The class will be limited to 12 participants. This course is a non-credit Evening School course.

Introduction to Theological Education
Ms. Linda Lanam, CHT 200
next scheduled for January 2016
An introduction to the tools, terms and traditions needed to lay a foundation as an Evening School student at Virginia Theological Seminary. Students must be present for three of the four class meetings to pass the course. This course is a non-credit, pass/fail prerequisite course for the Enriched Evening School program and does not count towards the Evening School diploma.

Looking Ahead: Spring 2016
Peace-making and Spiritual Discipline
The Most Rt. Rev. Katharine Jefferts-Shori
Tuesdays 7:30-9:30 PM
February - May, 2016 -beginning date/ending date TBD
What does a Christian have to contribute to the debate about an agreement with Iran? How can we build community in the face of entrenched and often polarized views? What finally brought a measure of peace in Northern Ireland? South Africa? What can we offer in the face of Israel-Palestine? What about our own families and local communities? We will explore the qualities and gifts that are necessary and helpful to peacebuilding through self-examination, investigation of historical conflicts, and reflection on current challenges.
Ms. Linda L. Lanam received her Master's in Theological Studies with honors from Virginia Theological Seminary in 2009. She is currently employed by the seminary as a teaching assistant in Old Testament, an adjunct in oral interpretation of Scripture and the coordinator of the VTS Writing Center. Linda is a graduate of Indiana University School of Law and was a practicing attorney in Indiana, Pennsylvania and Virginia before retiring to begin her studies at VTS. She is an ordained Presbyterian elder and currently serves on the session at Old Presbyterian Meeting House in Alexandria.