The Evening School

Traditional Program
Courses in the traditional Evening School of Theology provide theological education for lay people who want more than Sunday morning classes. There is an open enrollment policy for all who wish to register. Students may audit or take classes for credit.

Interested in the Evening School? Read about the two classes offered the spring 2015 term. Check back to find out the courses for Fall 2015!

Civil Rights, Justice and Inclusion: Idenitity and Witness in TEC
The Rt. Rev. Nathan Baxter
Tuesdays 7:30-9:30 PM
2/3-4/21 (no class 3/23 & 4/14)
Bishop Baxter again graciously opens a session of his course to the VTS community. The speaker will be the Rt. Rev. Stacy Sauls, Chief Operating Officer of TEC, who will address The Future of Civil Rights for a Domestic Missionary Church: Issues, Strategies, and Change. Addison 207. Please RSVP to

In this course we will consider the experience of The Episcopal Church (TEC) during the eras of the African American Civil Rights movement; the struggle to accept women in every order of ministry; the experience and witness of gender and sexual identity (LGBT) and cultural (Asian American, Native/Indigenous and Hispanic/Latino) minority communities in the Church. Counts as an elective towards the Evening School diploma.

For Facts, for Fiction, for Faith? Six Ways Christians Read the Bible
Gail Ramshaw, Ph.D.
Thursdays 7:30-9:30 PM
Through the centuries, Christians have read the Bible in various ways (go straight through it? memorize the Psalms? focus on the gospels?), and the churches have interpreted the Scripture using different interpretative schema: is the Bible more history? more metaphor? This course will look at two ancient and two current ways to read and intrepret the Bible. Readings will include chapters from five different studies so as to sample these varied Christian practices. Course does not count towards the Evening School diploma.

Introduction to Theological Education
Ms. Linda Lanam, CHT 200
next scheduled for August 2015
An introduction to the tools, terms and traditions needed to lay a foundation as an Evening School student at Virginia Theological Seminary. Students must be present for three of the four class meetings to pass the course. This course is a non-credit, pass/fail prerequisite course for the Enriched Evening School program and does not count towards the Evening School diploma.
The Rt. Rev. Nathan Baxter was consecrated Bishop of the diocese of Central Pennsylvania on October 21, 2006 and retired in June 2014. Bishop Baxter will be present at VTS for the spring term as a Visiting Professor. He will be teaching one Evening School class and another degree course.

Gail Ramshaw, Gail Ramshaw, Emerita professor of religion at La Salle University, is a Lutheran scholar of liturgical language who studies and crafts texts for worship from her home outside of Washington, D.C. She has written and lectured extensively on the Revised Common Lectionary, for example in “Lectionary Notes,” the weekly liturgical resource available at, and in the publication A Three-Year Banquet: The Lectionary for the Assembly.