Tuition and Fees

Master's-Level Student Rates
For comprehensive information about all types of educational expenses,
both billed and unbilled, please see the documents
in the Downloads box at right.

All newly entering students, both master's and doctoral, pay a one-time,
non-refundable Registration and Degree Fee of $200
when accepting their offer of admission.


Total Charges for all terms: August, Fall, January, and Spring:
    On-Campus Students
        Tuition                             $13,600
         Room (premium)                  4,000
         Board                                 5,600
          Student Activity Fee               140
                                       Total  $23,340
    Off-Campus Students
         Tuition                            $13,600
          Board                                 1,710
          Student Activity Fee                140
                                        Total $15,450

No Tuition charge for the August & January Terms
if enrolled full-time (12 credit hours) in the following semester.
Part-time students are charged tuition for each and every term
at $630/credit hour, $315/audit hour.

Students in a standard on-campus residence room
incur a $3,750 annual fee instead of the premium room rate.

Students who may need to withdraw from school should consult the Seminary's Tuition Refund Policy (see Downloads box at right) to understand the effect on various billed charges and fees.

IRS Publication 970 Tax Benefits for Education explains the tax benefits for a student who pays for education and the tax implications for a student who receives educational assistance.