Student Housing

Off Campus
Housing Subsidy Program
Virginia Theological Seminary provides an off-campus housing subsidy for eligible couples and single parents because family housing is not available on-campus, where it could be provided at a more affordable cost. To establish a sense of community and to assist with relocation, the Director of Housing works directly with two nearby apartment complexes (Braddock Lee Apartments, Brookville Townhomes) to house students with families.  Students also choose to live at Foxchase Apartments, which qualifies for the housing subsidy but requires the student to arrange the lease.
To be eligible for the off-campus housing subsidy, a student must be enrolled full-time (12 credit hours) and renting at one of the VTS-contracted apartments.  Occasionally, an alternate housing arrangement with comparable rent may be approved by the Director of Housing for purposes of using the housing subsidy, but students must contact the Director of Housing first to determine eligibility (students must also qualify for need-based financial aid in order to be approved to seek alternate housing arrangements and still obtain the housing subsidy).  The monthly housing subsidy rates, based on the student’s family size, are currently:
Couple - $700
Student with 1 Child - $850
Student with 2+ Children -$1,050

Timeline and Due Dates
Students who wish to live in one of the Seminary-contracted housing complexes should complete the Off-Campus Housing Request Form to inform the Director of Housing of the size and location of the desired unit, and the date they wish to occupy the unit.  Priority for assignment to specific apartments is determined by the date the Seminary receives the student's registration and degree fee deposit, which is payable only after one has been offered admission.  The housing subsidy begins August 1 for entering students. As long as the student meets the eligibility requirements, the subsidy will continue until the month the student graduates or leaves seminary. 
Once an applicable housing unit becomes available: 
* The student is assigned to the unit.
* VTS signs the lease and pays the security deposit (except for Foxchase units). Students are responsible for all property damage upon vacating the apartment.
* Students complete a rental application and return it to the rental office of the apartment complex. The complex will complete a background check.
* Students inform the Director of Housing and the apartment complex of their arrival date. Students should contact the rental office to make certain it will be open when they wish to arrive to pick up the keys.
* After moving in, students pay the net rent (rent less VTS subsidy) to the management of the complex and contact them regarding any problems.
* Students are responsible for their part of the rent until graduation or departure from seminary.  Students receive the subsidy through May 31 and must vacate the apartment no later than June 30 following their graduation.

Additional Housing Options
Some students prefer to live in other housing. The Seminary maintains a very limited file on other apartments in the area and a list of houses whose owners want to rent to seminarians. Craigslist, Washington Post classifieds, and apartment guides on the Internet are also helpful. Students have lived or are living in the following apartment complexes:

Fairlington  – Individually owned and rented apartments and townhouses. Bordered on the East by Quaker Lane, and the West and South by King Street (Route 7). The cost and the pet policy vary per unit. Model information. Contact a real estate office for rentals and purchases. Long and Foster Realtor has a Fairlington Office.  Fairlington is located in both the City of Alexandria and Arlington Country, which have separate school systems.

Foxchase Apartments, 320 North Jordan Street, Alexandria, VA. (703.823.3500) Cats and small dogs are allowed. Employees of Alexandria Hospital receive a discount.

Mark Center  has five other apartment complexes besides Willow Run at Mark Center. All are located across I-395 and are called Brookdale, Hillwood, Lynbrook, Meadow Creek and Stoneridge. Map of Mark Center Properties.

ParkFairfax are individually owned and rented garden style townhouse/apartments.  East of Quaker Lane between I-395 and King Street (route 7).  At 3360 Gunston Road there is a book which lists apartments for rent. 

Park Shirlington, 4510 South 31st Street, Arlington, VA. (703.931.1900) Cats are allowed. The management and pool is shared with Braddock Lee.

The Point at Alexandria, 205 Century Place, Alexandria, VA. (703.370.0781) Cats and small dogs are allowed.

Seminary Towers, 4701 Kenmore Avenue, Alexandria, VA. (703.751.0202) Cats are allowed.

Applying for Subsidy if Not Living in Seminary-Designated Housing
Students complete the VTS Financial Aid Application and also indicate the amount of their monthly rent and utilities. Return the application to the Director of Financial Aid and Housing. A copy of the rental lease must be submitted as soon as it is signed. Contact the Housing Office for further information.