The Butterfly House

Butterfly House Staff
At the Butterfly House, we strive to ensure that all children reach their full learning potential. Our primary hope is to send our children out into the world as kind, caring, empathetic young people who love learning and life.
To Apply

To apply, please download and return the waitlist form. (There is no fee.) Priority is given to VTS students and employees as well as to Episcopal High School employees. Admission to VTS does not result in automatic admission to TBH. Admission is determined by early June each year. For further information, please contact the Butterfly House at 703-461-1786 or
Kerry Hual

Virginia Aguilar
Infant Teacher

Amy Anderson
Teacher's Aid

Elsyluz Cotes Maradel
Assistant Teacher - Toddlers

Gladys Galarza
Assistant Teacher - Toddlers

Judith Harrington
Assistant Director

Asha Lamaallem

Henriette Nangui
Assistant Teacher

Katherine Nieves

Isangel Pena
Teacher - Butterfly House

Rebecca Scott-Joyner

Luz Ramos Valladares
Assistant Teacher - floater for infants/toddlers

Rahel Weldeyesus
Teachers Assistant

Emily Widenhofer
Teacher’s Aide (PT)