Centro de Estudios Teologicos

VTS has sent groups of students down to the Dominican Republic since the mid 1990’s.  During the January term program the students participate in intensive Spanish language courses, attend lectures with the CET seminarians, and spend three weekends in parish immersions.  Under a grant from the Carpenter Foundation, VTS is assisting the Diocese of the Dominican Republic to build up its Anglican theological resources with an English course at CET and by encouraging applications from well qualified seminarians to the MTS program at VTS.

Past participants in the immersion program: Dr. Bob Prichard, Dr. Rich Jones, Dr. George Kroupa, Peter Swarr ’06, Sarabeth Goodwin ’05, Christy Laborda ’07, Lisa Saunders ’07, Eric Liles ’07, Stephen mazingo ’07, Mark Powell ’07, Kesha Brenom ’09, Frederick Clarkson ’08, John Schmitz ’09,  Robert Black ’09, Meredith Holt ’10, Leigh Vicens ’09, Giulianna Cappelletti ’08, Peter Gray ’08, Jimmy Abbott ’10, Peter Doddema ’10, Ben Shelton ’10, Clay Riley ’11, Andre D’Angio White ’11, Sara D’Angio White ’11.