Overcoming Challenges in the Small Church with Prayer

Serving a small church has its unique challenges. Up until five years ago, when I moved to a rural community and began serving a small two-point parish, I had always had plenty of music talent available and active volunteer youth directors. Essentially I took it all for granted, and as they say, “ya don’t appreciate the water till the well runs dry” . . .

Vitality and the Small Church By Kathleen Staudt
For the past few summers, with funding from Lilly Foundation, Virginia Seminary has hosted a 10-day Summer Collegium in support of pastors of small membership churches and their spouses. These are pastors of churches in mainline denominations with average Sunday attendance under 100. I’ve participated in the program in various leadership and teaching capacities and always come away with a sense that there IS good news about the church, less about numbers than about spirit, commitment and ability to embody the presence of Christ.