Summer Collegium Videos

Videos of many of the Summer Collegium keynotes and workshops are now available for your use, These include keynotes by Carl S. Dudley, author of Effective Small Churches in the Twenty-first Century and Anthony Pappas, who wrote Entering the World of the Small Church. Also included are workshops on various topics related to ministry in small congregations. It is the hope of the Small Church program is that those in small congregation will use these videos to enhance their own ministry, and share them with the leadership of the congregation. The agreement made with the presenters is that no revenue can be taken in from the use of the videos, so they are yours to use free of charge.
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Summer Collegium
The Summer Collegium was a nine-day intensive residential program, ecumenical in scope, for clergy in mid-career serving small congregations. The program ran from 2006 through 2010.  During the summer the Collegium addressed the specific needs of clergy and clergy households committed to small-church ministry.  In addition to an array of workshops, worship, and small group sessions, the Collegium organized and sponsored a one-day Small Church Religious Arts Festival.

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Summer Collegium