October 21, 2011

It is good to be in demand. This thought has been running through my mind the last two months as programs such as The Evening School of Theology’s Enriched Course and PREPARE/ENRICH Facilitator Training filled to capacity, and as I worked with students from other seminaries attending Evangelism Bootcamp. It popped back in my head when I learned about the expansion of Spring Enriched Evening School options and participants register for programs still months away. The work is challenging and worthwhile.
The entire ICFL is in demand by those within the seminary and those outside of it. As I write, The Second Three Years program is occurring in Baltimore. Recruitment for the Doctor of Ministry programs continues while current student work toward the completion of their degrees. Key Hall continues to serve both the seminary community and Christian educators from beyond the seminary’s campus. These are only a few of the ways that the ICFL is serving at this moment. We are in demand.
Being in demand means that people are hungry for Christian education and formation. The ICFL and the seminary as a whole offer nourishment to feed a spiritual hunger. God has placed us to feed this need; that the need exists is very good indeed.
—Marshall Finch, ICFL Administrative Assistant