October 28, 2011

Several times in the past few weeks friends and parishioners who have long been out of school remarked that their internal clock is still set to academic time. In our too-often overscheduled and frenzied adult lives, there remains a yearning for a more predictable and more fruitful life rhythm—not vacation exactly (although for many workers vacations are increasingly rare) but a kind of intellectual and spiritual sabbatical.

Time set aside for reflection and study is a rarity in American culture. Where the 140-odd character Twitter message is fast becoming the intellectual norm, where do we find opportunities to grapple with a sustained argument or to engage in sustained intellectual conversation on topics that matter?

This academic year, through Evening School of the Institute for Christian Formation and Leadership (ICFL), Virginia Seminary is offering the opportunity for people to participate in a set of enriched seminars on biblical topics, led by distinguished members of our regular faculty. This is in addition to our continuing program of Study Refreshers for lay and ordained leaders, and the offerings of the Evening School itself. Our conviction is that education of all sorts—and especially education in matters of the Spirit—is a lifetime enterprise. No wonder our internal clocks are set to academic time. Our job at ICFL is to foster this continuing intellectual and spiritual enrichment. Do come check us out.

—Roger Ferlo, Associate Dean and ICFL Director