December 2, 2011

In referring to business, a friend once told me, “nothing happens in December.” He went on to say that everything shuts down and that it’s impossible to start anything new and difficult to get anything done. Forward momentum is lost as each individual scrambles to schedule holiday plans in the midst of a culture where everyone seems to be on the move.
There is irony that the celebration of one of God’s greatest acts of doing can be seen as a terrible time to try to get things done. December offers challenges, but those challenges aren’t enough to pressure my colleagues and me into a complacency of just trying to keep up. December is a tricky time to get things done, but we’re up for the challenge.
The ICFL will welcome participants from our community to two Fridays at the Seminary events on the first and second Fridays in December. In between these events Roger Ferlo is leading a pre-performance discussion on Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing at the Shakespeare Theatre. Meanwhile we also are gearing up for the Doctor of Ministry program, which will be held offsite in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, in January. Colleagues from all departments at the seminary are engaged in similar “busyness.” It is an active time.
I believe the best way to honor God’s action in the incarnation of Jesus Christ is to actively serve God. One way to do this is to prepare conferences and programs that will help to strengthen both lay and ordained Christians for a variety of ministries. We are joyful for the task.
—Marshall Finch, ICFL Administrative Assistant