Thursday, January 17, 2013

This month there have been some staffing changes in the Hospitality and Maintenance Departments. Long-time employee, Tak Yim, has transferred from Housekeeping to Maintenance and a new employee, Santino Dut, has joined the Housekeeping staff.

Tak has been a staff member for almost 14 years. In addition to working closely with Cristina Hurtado and Yin Yuen to ensure that the rooms in the guesthouses are always clean and tidy and that guests have a good stay, Tak has also helped out in the dish room on weekends and for special events as well as cutting grass and tending gardens on campus. He takes great pride in his work and in the Seminary's appearance--both inside buildings and around campus. Tak will be a wonderful addition to the Maintenance Staff, just as Santino will be to the Housekeeping Staff. Santino is a member of St. Mary's Church, Arlington, is working on an Associate's Degree in Business from NOVA, and worked for many years Sunrise Jefferson Senior Assisted Living.

The Staff in Maintenance and Housekeeping do so much to keep our campus not only well-maintained but hospitable and enjoyable for all. There is so much that these staff members do that is behind the scenes, but every single task is essential and so very appreciated. Please join me in saying thank you to each and every member of the Maintenance and Housekeeping Departments.

Kathryn A. Glover
Director of Institutional Effectiveness and Planning