Tuesday February 19, 2012

In mail boxes last week, the News from the Hill appeared.  It is a spectacular issue.  Fr. Tony Lewis is on the front cover.  There is a lovely description of his retirement celebration inside.  The retirement celebration sits among articles about the Thomas Dix Bowers Fellow, Faculty Transitions, the Dean's Cross Recipients, Native American Heritage Month, Admissions, our DMin, the Society for the Study of Anglicanism and its 10th Anniversary, and a lovely piece on three Trustees.

Three pieces in this issue deserve special mention.  The first is the prominence of the library.  Appropriate attention is given to significant donations; it is exciting to see the Seminary attract additions to the library which are important.  The second is the very moving remembrance of Bishop Jane Holmes Dixon.  She was a distinguished alum; she was a distinguished bishop.  We miss Jane so very much.  And the third is the lovely portrait of Ms. Zeyneb Sayilgan, our VTS Luce Visiting Scholar.  It is a fabulous introduction to our very own Muslim conversation partner.

Many are involved in creating this delightful window into the Seminary.  However, I would like to thank Mr. Curtis Prather in particular who has overseen the process.  He has done remarkable work.  Thank you, Curtis.

The Very Rev Ian Markham
Dean and President