Monday, February 25, 2013


This coming November, the Center for Anglican Communion Studies will host a conference for lay and ordained church leaders on the theme of evangelism and interfaith conversations. The conference will explore questions around how, as Episcopal and Anglican Christians, we can articulate our faith to Muslims and simultaneously respect, listen to, and be enriched by their perspectives. The conference is supported by a major grant from the Henry Luce Foundation for the purpose of advancing understanding between Christian and Muslim communities.

As part of our conference planning, we are conducting an online survey of VTS alumni to gather their perspectives on interfaith education and dialogue in their parishes and communities. The survey will help us gauge the breadth of alumni views and practices in this aspect of ministry. Responses are now coming in and we will analyze the results this spring.

The VTS mission includes the lifelong education and formation of ministers of the Gospel whose lives are faithfully centered in prayer, worship, study, and fellowship. Living a faithful life in the 21st century increasingly calls for engagement with followers of other religions.

Last summer, the 77th General Convention of the Episcopal Church re-affirmed the Church’s commitment to engage in interreligious relations and encouraged all members to be involved at every possible level in interreligious work (Resolution 2012-A035). An earlier resolution explains in depth the Church’s rationale for interreligious dialogue and the issues it raises for authentic Christian witness (2009-A074).

VTS remains committed to supporting these Resolutions of the Church and to the ongoing education of its alumni and students for ministry in a multi-religious world.

Katherine Wood
Associate Director