Monday, February 25, 2013

Today is an important day.  Our guests from the Association of Theological Schools arrive on campus.  This is the day when the Visiting Team will reflect with us on our identity, our work, and our effectiveness. A good way of seeing the Accreditation Visiting Team is as a set of distinguished consultants, who give generously of their time, to examine our work in theological education.  We are delighted they are with us; and we look forward to their stay in our midst.

Accreditation guarantees both the quality of the degree and ensures its recognition.  It is because we meet the standards of the Association of Theological Schools that our students and future employers can be confident that the degree is demanding and that the level of work is masters' level.  This visit comes at the end of three years of careful preparation.  As a community, we have compared our work against the standards.  A Self-Study emerged that makes recommendations to ensure our continuing compliance with the standards and continuing improvement in performance.

I was very grateful to this remarkable presentation prepared by Nicholas Roosevelt.  It is definitely worth viewing; you can find the presentation here.  The presentation captures very well the significance of this visit and the hard work that the Seminary has put in prior to today.

So what can you do?  It is helpful for everyone to feel that they are on call.  Our guests need to understand the Seminary.  So they might well have a question for you.  Please be ready over these next few days to help the team during their visit.

The Very Rev Ian Markham
Dean and President