Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Every year Rev. Dr. Tony Lewis and I huddle in the Dean's office to consider the various applicants for the two positions of Sacristans.  Even though Fr. Lewis has retired, he has kindly agreed to continue as consultant on the transition to the new chapel and also oversee the Sacristans.  Every year, it is a difficult decision.  We are a place that seeks to produce priests, it is not surprising that we have an outstanding array of good applicants for Sacristan.  It took a long time.  We were in a situation where without exception every candidate was appointable.  We were grateful to those who made themselves available to serve in this position.   

Today I can share with the community that E. Bernard Anderson, from the diocese of Maryland, and Kristin Saylor, from the diocese of New York, have been appointed Sacristans.  This is an important and time consuming ministry.  There are many services and much to organize.  We are grateful for their willingness to serve in this capacity.

The Very Rev Ian Markham
Dean and President