Friday, March 22, 2013

An important part of the Seminary family is the team in Meriwether Godsey.  Our 'class, chapel, lunch' mantra would not make much sense but for Meriwether Godsey providing the lunch.  It is over lunch that we work on the 'table fellowship' - where we learn to live in conversation with people who are different from us.  Lunch is a vitally important part of our formation.

Today, I wish to acknowledge and recognize Mr. David Ortega. This is David's last day at Virginia Theological Seminary.  David graduated from Edison High School.  He came to the Seminary straight out of Culinary Program at the Art Institute of Washington.  He has been a pivotal presence during the dinner hours at 1823.  David is moving to the Hilton in Springfield to serve as a Banquet Sous Chef, where he will have significant supervisory responsibilities.

It is important that the Seminary is a place where people can come and grow.  It is not possible for everyone to be promoted within the Seminary; so we celebrate those who move on to positions where their training at the Seminary helps them grow.  We wish David all the best in this move.

The Very Rev Ian Markham
Dean and President