Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Yesterday I finally had the opportunity to welcome the Rev. Keith Claringbull to the campus.  He has just two weeks left of his Merrow Fellowship.  Keith was for 20 years a member of the Anglican Society of St. Francis and has developed an interest in architecture and prayer; he is using this fellowship as an opportunity to research this area. 

Naturally I took the opportunity to check that everything was OK.  The testimony that followed was a credit to the entire VTS community.  Keith has loved his conversations with students; he has found the library staff so helpful; Peggy Parker and Katherine Wood have been especially supportive; the campus is beautiful; his room in the guesthouse is delightful; and the hospitality has been warm and exceptional.  So I take this opportunity to thank you all; you have helped make this time for Keith very worth while.

One lovely feature of the Merrow fellowship is that it celebrates a deep connection with an important parish.  The Fellowship was created by the congregation of St. Mary's Church, where our alum and current President of the AAEC serves.  It was a beautiful way of marking twenty years of the ministry of the Rev. Andrew Merrow at St. Mary's Church.  With our Refectory closed, Keith reported that every night this week a different family from St. Mary's Church is entertaining him at their home.

It is lovely to have Keith with us; it is delightful that his experience of the Seminary and St. Mary's is so positive.  This news made my day yesterday; I hope, dear reader, that it makes your day today.

The Very Rev Ian Markham
Dean and President