Wednesday April 17, 2013

Every day the Commentary has a particular focus.  It is either what has happened or what is happening.  But from time to time, I like to head out into the future.  Here we are in mid-April and the end of May feels a long way out.  However, our eformation2013 conference (May 31-June 2) is going to fill up quickly and we want to make sure that the immediate family (i.e. all the readers of the commentary) knows about this event and can seize the opportunity to register for it.

It is a three-day immersion into the digital world; the task is to decide how best 'faith formation' can be done in this setting.  Part descriptive (you will learn how spirituality is developing in the digital age) and part prescriptive (you will get ideas about how our networks can use digital approaches), this course is the ideal preparation of anyone wanted to see how technology can be a friend of faith rather than a gimmick or an agent that induces fear.

The Keynoter is Sarah Lumbard, the Vice-President of NPR.  She brings the expertise to really help the participants think through the issues.  Please do register at www.eformationvts.org  You will be pleased you did so.

The Very Rev Ian Markham
Dean and President