Thursday, April 18, 2013

Tomorrow is the day when Cokesbury will close down its bookstore operation at Virginia Theological Seminary.  Cokesbury took over the Seminary bookstore on June 1 1992, when it was still in the old building behind Aspinwall Hall.  In 1993, they moved their operation to the basement of Addison.  Cokesbury has been a significant partner for the Seminary.

Many have worked in the Cokesbury bookstore.  And today, we are recognizing the three remaining employees who have worked with dedication to provide an excellent service to the Seminary.  The dedication and professionalism of Jerrod McCormack, TJ Tetzlaff, and Margaret Messenger will be celebrated at lunchtime today in the Refectory.  We appreciate so much everything they have done to support the Seminary's programs through the bookstore.

Please take a moment today to go down to the bookstore and thank the staff for their work at the Seminary.  And if you are able, then please do join us at lunchtime.

The Very Rev Ian Markham
Dean and President