Thursday, April 25, 2013

We are blessed with so many great forums.  If you stay attentive, then there are some fabulous opportunities to learn.  Today is no exception.  One award, which is very important, is the John Hines Preaching Award.  Prophetic preaching is quite difficult.  This is the award that strives to recognize the person who manages to speak effectively to the Lordship of Christ in every sphere of our individual and corporate lives.

So today is really special.  The forum is at 1pm and the focus is Prophetic Preaching.  We have the 2012 Hines Award winner, the Rev. Anne Turner, Assistant to the Rector, St. Mary's Arlington, and the 2013 Hines Award winner, the Rev. Catherine Hicks, Rector of St. Peter's Port Royal, VA sharing with us the challenge and joy of bringing the prophetic challenge to the people of God.  At the noon Eucharist, the 2011 Hines Award winner, the Rev. Pat Grace, Rector of St. Mark's, Dalton GA, is the preacher.  Pat will also be at the forum.

The Seminary is pleased to recognize these talented preachers.  We look forward to learning from them today.

The Very Rev Ian Markham