Wednesday, May 15, 2013

I love good ideas.  And the student body chaplains have had a good idea.  Today starting at 1pm and going through to 5pm, Scott Lounge and the lawn outside of Scott Lounge are turning into spaces for the "Recess Event".  The idea is simple: a Reading Day is an opportunity to prepare for exams.  Naturally most of this preparation needs to be in the library, but as the hours pass 'taking a break' becomes necessary.  And so you head to Scott Lounge and the lawn for "recess" - for a snack, a game, a chill moment.  Recess is available to provide those essential breaks.

This is not simply for people, but the Chaplains have also thought about the pets.  So the chaplains are also inviting anyone with pets to bring their animals (to the lawn - naturally) for a "Paws to Relax" - a chance for others to pet and play with animals, which is especially helpful to those who find animals a stress-reliever.

This is so cool.  I really do recommend Recess to everyone.  It is especially helpful to the students as they prepare for exams; but I am sure the Chaplains will be pleased to see that stressed member of staff or faculty heading over for a ten minute Recess.  Thanks for arranging this Chaplains.

The Very Rev Ian Markham
Dean and President