Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Last night, students, faculty, and staff gathered to listen to Fr. Alberto Cutié in Key Hall.  He is visiting the Seminary with his delightful wife Ruhama.  It was a riveting narrative.  Here was a man with a deep passion for the priestly vocation and parish ministry, who found himself increasingly unsympathetic with the official positions held by the Roman Catholic Church.  He discovered The Book of Common Prayer many years before converting to the Episcopal Church and found himself saying the Anglican office for his daily meditations.  He found himself supporting many of the positions of the Episcopal Church.  And finally, he found himself believing that the love of his life - Ruhama - was a gift from God, which can be compatible with the vocation to priesthood.

He shared his story with humor and humility.  He issued challenges - learn to preach without a text - and spoke with passion about the enormous honor of serving the people of God in a parish.

Although he has appeared on Oprah and had a television show followed by hundreds of thousands, he insisted that his primary identity is as a priest.  It is lovely to have Alberto and his wife Ruhama on the campus.  If you see them around the campus, then please do say hello.

The Very Rev Ian Markham
Dean and President