Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Tonight, I want to suggest that you take a break from your study and go to the 'Storytelling Peformance'.  It will be a ninety minute performance of connection across Scripture.  The title is Salvation History: Genesis to Revelation.  The idea is simple: the class wants to show how the whole of Scripture fits together and preaches to us today.  The show consists of solo storytelling from individuals, as well as some ensemble pieces.  It is a way of rethinking proclamation.  In our 'spiritual-but-not-religious' world, we need to be able to tell the story of Scripture in ways that connect.  This has been the work of the class on 'Biblical Storytelling' this year.

I am grateful to the Rev. Dr. Ruthanna Hooke for having this innovative idea.  I am grateful to the students in this class who have been working on this performance.  This is such a cool idea; it sounds like we will have a Variety Show with the focus on the Bible and salvation history.  So at 7pm in the Lettie Pate Evans Interim Chapel, come and be inspired.  Come and rediscover the message of Scripture delivered in a new and fresh way.

The Very Rev Ian Markham
Dean and President