VTS Alumni Enthroned as Sixth Archbishop of Tanzania


On the morning of Saturday, May 18, during a service lasting 5 hours, the Rt. Rev. Jacob Erasto Chimeledya (who received his MA from VTS in 2003 and his Honorary Doctorate in 2006) was enthroned as the sixth Archbishop of the Province of Tanzania. Before the reading of the Gospel, most of congregation inside and outside the cathedral sang "The Church's One Foundation" in Swahili. The Archbishop of Canterbury preached, reminding us that "division denies the message of the Gospel." He charged the many archbishops and bishops gathered to be "a focus of unity."

The President of Tanzania spoke and urged tolerance in this country with 40% Christians (a number which is growing!) and 40% Muslims. There were six choirs and many cameras at this Church and State occasion. Lots of tinsel, bunting, ribbons and flowers.

A lovely lunch followed with the President, the new Archbishop, and the Archbishop of Canterbury with their wives. Gifts were presented to Archbishop Jacob and the province. A gift was given by Virginia Seminary for our distinguished alumni's Discretionary Fund.

Let us rejoice with Archbishop Jacob and pray for him and the large flock he will shepherd.

The Rev. J. Barney Hawkins IV, Ph.D.
Vice President for Institutional Advancement and
Associate Dean of the Center for Anglican Communion Studies