Friday, July 5, 2013


Today marks the culmination of the VTS Summer Session for the Doctor of Ministry and Master of Arts programs. It has been remarkable to see the energy and passion of these students and instructors as they engage course materials and discussions, case studies, and lectures, bringing them into conversation with their own ministry and leadership across the country and world. After 7-10 hours a day in sessions with each other, as well as meals, worship, and hours of time in “off-line” conversations on the patios and in the residence halls, a powerful community has grown. People have forged deep bonds of holy friendship with each other, which they will continue to nurture and strengthen going forward. And, as graduates of these programs consistently say, these relationships of deep trust and shared passion for ministry and leadership stand the test of time.

As a school, we are grateful for the students and instructors in these programs who have enriched our lives and broadened our perspectives. I know students and instructors are also grateful for the rich experience here at VTS – and for the many staff and faculty who make it smooth sailing even in all of its intensity.

The session worship concludes today with a celebration of Holy Eucharist focused on the mission of the church. It is a joyful moment of parting, sending out, and returning to all of the places we serve and lead in God’s good world. To all of you departing – Go in peace and strength. Love others. Seek justice. Serve the Lord.

The Rev. David T. Gortner, Ph.D.
Director of the Doctor of Ministry Program