Tuesday, July 9, 2013


The unsung hero of my 9 months as interim Associate Dean of Students is the Rev. Kyle Oliver who this week celebrated his one year anniversary as the first Center for the Ministry of Teaching (CMT) Digital Missioner.  Thanks to Kyle, the work of the CMT has continued steadily when my attention had to be elsewhere.

With his leadership we began connecting digitally with a network of faith formation ministers and other church leaders interested in teaching and learning in the church. Please join our conversations on FacebookTwitterPinterest, and our Digital Mission blog.

We convened an independent study of seven students who wanted some practical experience using digital media for ministry. Student projects included an online bible study, a video reflection on the significance of baptism, and an online platform for parish spiritual formation – at a church that went on to hire the student who built it!

On behalf of the CMT, Kyle coordinated the real-time social media presence of the VTS Rock Concert, helping news of the seminary's big event reach almost 17,000 Facebook users and 37,000 Twitter users.

In May we brought 180 people to VTS for e-Formation 2013: A conference on faith formation for a connected, digital world (and another 20 participated remotely via Webinar). Many of the conference workshops and resources are available online, and plans are in the works for multiple e-Formation events in 2013-14.

And this is just the beginning. Key Hall, the beautiful physical home of the CMT now hosts a digital learning lab in addition to our collection of books, print curriculum and other educational materials. We welcome walk-in visitors, scheduled in-person consultations, and have had success with our first virtual open house! Thank you Kyle for a year of rich innovation and faithful service.

Dr. Lisa Kimball, Ph.D.
Interim Associate Dean of Students
Director of the Center for the Ministry of Teaching