Monday, September 9, 2013

It is lovely when the letter finally arrives. Last week, on Thursday, the Association of Theological Schools wrote to me and confirmed that the Board had voted our accreditation result. The key result is in the first line: the Board voted to reaffirm accreditation of Virginia Theological Seminary for a period of ten years. This takes us to our 200th birthday - spring 2023.

It is an encouraging report on the Seminary. They identified five areas which are "distinctive strengths." Our clarity about our mission and our vision to engage the world; our strong commitment to holistic formation; our conscientious stewardship of our financial and physical resources; our culture of trust and affirmation; and our intentionality about strategic planning.  

Naturally there is an area needing attention. We are instructed to work on assessment and to report back by September 1, 2015. We have as a faculty already started working on this issue.

This is an important affirmation of our work as a Seminary. The self study was a community effort; the visit involved every department; and the result is a credit to us all. Well done Virginia Theological Seminary. The quality of the educational experience is good; today let us celebrate this fact.

The Very Rev Ian Markham
Dean and President