Wednesday, November 6, 2013


Last weekend is continuing to provide material for the commentary this week. Yesterday the contribution of those doing their Eagle Scout Projects on the Butterfly House natural playground was highlighted. The other major occasion at the weekend was the Annual Luther Bowl.  Once again, we sent our Flag Football team with high hopes. We played three games. In the first, we beat Union Presbyterian 34-16; in the second, we beat LTS Chicago 40-22; and in the third, we lost to the subsequent Tournament winner, namely Trinity Lutheran 14-26.

The President of the Student Body, Dorian Del Priore was very positive about our performance as a team. He wrote, "We are a good flag football team, and that's great, but know that you can truly be proud of the people who represent VTS for who they are at their core of their being." We demonstrated character as a team. This is good.

This is the second year when we lost to the tournament winners. We performed well. Our team prepared well. Congratulations to those who played; and thanks to those who went and supported.

The Very Rev Ian Markham
Dean and President