VTS Announces Publication of "In the Company of Virtues: Eating and Drinking with Love"


"It all started," explained Sarah Barge, "at Employee Development Day.I went to the session on 'how to get published' and hey presto." Sarah Barge was holding a copy of her book, co-written with our alum the Rev. Cynthia Park (VTS '08), and called In the Company of Virtues: Eating and Drinking with Love. It is a delightful book. A registered dietitian and an Episcopal priest have teamed up to write about a transformation of our approach to food graded in the classical cardinal virtues. So packed with wisdom and insight, the reader is taken through prudence, justice, fortitude, and temperance. We are invited to eat with respect, care and mindfulness. As one reads the book, there are compelling case studies and important facts about the best way to eat and be well.

Virginia Theological Seminary is all over this book. Sarah works with Meriwether Godsey; Tim Sedgwick provided counsel and feedback; seminary students shared their stories; and Cynthia is an alum. And, this book fits right in with our emphasis on wellness. We now know that growing clergy are led by 'well' clergy; so reading this book can be an important part of your formation. You can order the book here.

Do please congratulate Sarah. This is a great and important book.

The Very Rev Ian Markham
Dean and President