Search Announced for "Associate Dean of Chapel"


There are not very many seminaries that are creating brand new faculty positions. But as the implications of the Board meeting continue to ripple out, I am pleased to share with you the news that the Board of Trustees voted to create a faculty position called the "Associate Dean of Chapel."

The Board is responding to the community sense that our changed worship system requires more attention. Before 2006, there were fewer services in our chapel. It was primarily Morning Prayer, interspersed with the weekly Eucharist and the observation of the Principal Feasts. Once we moved to three liturgies a day, coupled with a more demanding program of services in January and in the summer, the Board recognized the need for this position.

This is a faculty position with teaching and research expectations alongside the administration of the Chapel and the Ministry Resident Program. Details can be found here.  

Worship is central to formation: it is the key. As we move into the new Chapel, we want to appoint an Associate Dean of Chapel that can help us create a worshiping life for this community that is deep and rich.

The Very Rev Ian Markham
Dean and President