Thursday, March 6, 2014


The Dean's Commentary for today is coming from a Field Ed Supervisor the Reverend Peter K. Ackerman.

Life moves fast. It seems like yesterday that I commenced forth from The Virginia Theological Seminary (VTS), and was ordained, and served in my first call as an associate rector at Immanuel Church on the Hill. My time there was wonderful, but surrounded by other life events; cancer from which I am now one of the many survivors, and watching, with many others, as our chapel on the VTS grounds burned to the ground.

Yet, I have a rich life indeed. One year following those events, I began serving in my current position as rector at St. Christopher’s in Springfield, a parish nestled in a neighborhood with good hearted parishioners who are willing to look anew at how to move out into the world around them and make a difference. A common thread through my ordained life is my connection to the Virginia Theological Seminary. I am delighted for the opportunities to continue my relationship with faculty and students. I serve as one of the section leaders for Oral Interpretation of Scripture, I did a stint as a colloquy mentor, and I currently engage in the necessary training to remain a field education supervisor for seminarians, like Jennifer Southall, who interns at my parish.

Events in life move fast, but I am happy that I can utilize my relationship with VTS as a touchstone to my journey and continue to establish relationships with others as we serve God in our many, diverse and unique ways!

The Rev. Peter K. Ackerman