Tuesday February 25 2014


One indicator of the strength of an institution is the place we hold in the affection of our community (which is inclusive of students, staff, faculty, board members, AAEC, friends, congregations, dioceses and alums) as a philanthropic priority. So we stress the importance of the Annual Fund and we invite both participation and significant support. It is the Annual Fund that supports a whole range of programs that are central to our shared life.

Yet, while we stress the Annual Fund, it is important that the record is clear. The Annual Fund is only part of the story. We only count the unrestricted gifts in the Annual Fund. To understand the support for the Seminary, it is necessary to look at both unrestricted and restricted gifts. The good news is this: we are a philanthropic priority for many people. As you can see in the chart below, over the last five years we have exceeded a million dollars a year in giving. And, over the last two years, we have had totals over $10 million.

People are supporting the Seminary because they love the Church. This Seminary has a responsibility to form leaders that can make a difference. Men and women around this country and around the world are supporting us. For this, we are deeply grateful.

The Very Rev Ian Markham, Ph.D.
Dean and President