Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The most stressful time in the academic year is about now. The fall is great. Folks come back from their vacation; the VTS family is back together; and we are looking forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas. The winter and spring semesters are much harder.  The weather is cold; the days are short; and life is difficult.  

And this winter has been especially long and difficult. Once again we found ourselves facing a snow storm and were forced to close for the day. For most of us, it was a day spent in the warm and dry. However, the team in maintenance came in. Snow removal yesterday was especially difficult. The temperatures never rose above freezing; so nature never gave any help with the removal.  Once again we were grateful to the maintenance team for the determination to make the campus as safe as it can be.

The secret of coping in the stressful moments of the year is to focus on all those things for which we are grateful. The children are enjoying the snow days; we have not lost power; and this cold winter should reduce the number of bugs in the height of the summer.  Let us learn to appreciate even the hard, cold days of the year.

The Very Rev Ian Markham, Ph.D.
Dean and President