Istanbul Study Tour 2014: Student reflections

Study Tours, Immersions and Mission Internships are ways to bring added value to seminary training that no other type of course can match. To varying degrees students are taken out of their own contexts and maybe even out of their own comfort zones. Such experiences of crossing over to a different culture and experience of others, especially in international cross-cultural contexts, change perpspectives, change people and make better leaders. This, along with the fact that funding is often available, make Tours, Immersions and Internships a must on any seminarian's calendar. In the new academic year, VTS seminarians please do not miss the Windows on the World document advertising these opportunities and do not miss the opportunity to talk to others who have prepared, experienced and are seeking to integrate such experiences into their formation.

For the first time CACS is delighted to have an Anglican Commentary in the form of a video.

We are grateful to the Foundation for Science and Culture in Istanbul who helped us put this together. Watch and listen VTS students reflect on the impact of the Study Tour to Turkey.