Tuesday, August 19, 2014


The summer issue of the Journal is now available. Running to a massive 130 pages, it is a remarkable celebration of all our work. We have a substantial article on science (from Bishop Cheetham Ph.D. whom we are hoping will be a visiting professor in January 2016 and teach on science and religion); we have all the keynote addresses of the past year - the convocation lectures, the excellent lecture from Stanley Hauerwas, the Martyrdom of Martin Luther King lectures and sermon, and the excellent address and sermon for commencement 2014. Then we have three meetings held at the Seminary highlighted: the Anglican Women at Prayer conference, the Nursi Studies conference, and the E-Formation conference. We also have our own vice president for academic affairs muse on the first year and an excellent interview with the lead singer of Five Iron Frenzy - Ms. Leanor Ortega Till. Finally, we have an important article that tells the story of the emergence of the historic marker that honors Bishop Payne Divinity School. From awards to social media to the Anglican Communion to Interfaith, one finishes the issue very aware of the sheer breadth of our activities. This is a remarkable place.

The editor of this issue is Ms. Carol Kyber, overseen by Mr. Curtis Prather. We are grateful for all their hard work. We are proud of the Seminary that generates all these activities; and we are proud of the Journal that collects all these activities into remarkable articles.

The Very Rev. Ian S. Markham, Ph.D.
Dean and President