Friday, August 15, 2014


It will surprise no one to hear that Andrea Kramer already bought the family’s fall school supplies back in July.

Since coming to VTS five years ago, Andrea has combined an impressive professional expertise, deep pastoral sensibilities, and an organizational acumen that could easily deploy armies during the morning commute even before she gets to her desk. On any given day, she’s one of the first people to get to work in Aspinwall Hall and one of the last to leave, and regularly comes in on weekends when students are moving in and out of VTS housing. She deftly handles hundreds and hundreds of difficult conversations every year as students talk with her about money, health insurance, child care, and the sudden loss of a parent far away with grace and clarity. Her sensibilities and skills are such that, when the graduating class of 2012 considered gifting a member of the VTS community with one of their specially-made crosses in appreciation of the support that helped get them through the last three years, they chose Andrea Kramer.

After five years as the director of financial aid and student housing, Andrea Kramer is leaving today to begin a doctoral program in sociology, specializing in public and applied sociology, at George Mason University.

It will also not surprise anyone to know that she has outlined where people should go with questions before the next director of financial aid and housing steps into place: Rachel Higgins for financial aid and housing, and Chris Marbaker for student health insurance.

We are very proud of you, Dr. Kramer-to-be, and so happy that you took this bold and brave step. We will miss you deeply. Thank you for all that you have given to VTS.

The Rev. Melody Knowles, Ph.D.
Vice President for Academic Affairs and Associate Professor of Old Testament