Friday, June 28, 2013


With the arrival of new faculty and staff and the departure of others, it makes sense to use this time to locate people in the places that best suit their jobs. So on Monday there will be a massive shift of where some folks are located. Existing employees will retain their current telephone extensions so no worries there. Here is what we can expect:

In Bohlen Hall Katie Glover will be moving to 101, Kathy Brown to 103, Christine Hosler to 104, and Nancy Siridavong to 204. In Aspinwall Hall Olivine Pilling will be moving to 204 while Donyelle McCray moves to 102. Marshall Finch is changing roles and will be the Database Administrator. To put him in proximity of IT he will make the jump from Bohlen to Sparrow 206. Additionally Sparrow will accommodate Curtis Prather’s move to 204, Xavier Belanger to 208, and Bill Campbell to 210. Carol Kyber will arrive as the Assistant Director of Communications and her office will be Sparrow 203. Her telephone extension is 1764. Tim Sedgwick is also moving to Meade 105. Moving is tricky and coordinating a large move like this takes the talent of Linda Huntington (overall organizer), Tim Dang (moving telephone extensions), Xavier Belanger (moving computers), maintenance, and the many workers from Office Movers.

It’s a busy way to start a new year. On behalf of the Business Office I wish you a happy new year. Today is the last week day of fiscal year 2013 and Monday begins 2014. The folks from the independent audit firm of Dixon Hughes Goodman Company have been here the past few days, beginning their field work auditing the financial records of the Seminary. I’ll use this opportunity to remind everyone that all invoices, travel reimbursements, entertainment reimbursements, etc, are now due to the accounts payable office. Enjoy the weekend, and we’ll see you in the new year.

Heather Zdancewicz
Vice President for Administration and Finance