Friday, October 11, 2013

At the end of such a busy week, some of the hardest commentaries to write are the "thank you" commentaries. You are bound to miss someone. So on this occasion, I am not going to start with those who are most visible and most prominent, but focus on those who are less visible and less prominent. I am hoping those who were more visible will understand. And be assured, I am truly grateful for all your hard work this week.

Every time I walked into Addison it was Monina Pangan, our administrative assistant and mailroom manager, who was signing in our alums. She did so with her normal cheerfulness and kindness. Thank you Monina. There were countless liturgies this week, which were led by an imaginative and very capable chapel team. However, on this occasion, I want to highlight the sacristans. Tyler Doherty, Patrick Bush, Kristin Saylor and Bernard Anderson worked tirelessly and effectively to ensure the smooth running of our many services. Thank you sacristans - it was a stressful and demanding week. One morning as I walked to work, I found Stuart Dahlinger frustrated that he couldn't get to the area outside Meade because of a fence protecting a tree to cut the grass. Stuart wanted the grounds to look just right. Thank you Stuart. And with our guesthouses full, Cristina Hurtado, Santino Dut, and Yin Yuen had so much work to do. Thank you Cristina, Santino and Yin.

Everyone worked hard this week. The response from our alums has been so positive. They came home and loved what they found. Thank you everyone. You are an extraordinary gift to this place.

The Very Rev Ian Markham
Dean and President